Virtual Bootcamp: Training client online

Virtual Bootcamp: Training client online:

Hi guys! It’s Travis here. Today is a bittersweet day for me. I just got a text from my Uncle, who’s been in India for the last couple of weeks. While he’s been there I’ve been looking after his dog, which I have really enjoyed, despite the holes in my new lawn! So I probably only have 1 more day with the dog, so I’ll make sure I take her to the park to chase the ball and then to the beach to have a swim!

Anyways… Since our Online Essentials: How to Start Training Clients Online (1.2CECs) course is on special this week – I want to talk about “online training”!

Now… I’m very passionate about this… I believe EVERY TRAINER should have some form of an Online Training program… Even if you never want to go 100% online and only want to do face to face – you should have an online program for TWO reasons:

Reason 1: It’s better for the client! I actually use two trainers for my own Training… One Trainer “Jon” helps me with my kickboxing and my other Trainer “Michael” helps me with my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Now neither of these Trainers has an Online program – which is fine because they are both AWESOME and I love them… BUT if they had an Online Program to go with my face to face training – I would love their Training even more…

e.g. with Jon… We train 2 times a week (technique, sparing)… Sometimes I train a 3rd day on my own and I just do whatever comes to my mind… BUT if Jon had an online program with different workouts there (heavy bag, conditioning etc) that would be even better because I wouldn’t have to think…

e.g. with Michael… We train once per week and one thing that holds me back in my flexibility and this is something that people doing BJJ need to work on. Now I just work on my hips, internal and external rotation and some joint extraction stuff that I know or that I’ve found on YouTube. If Michael had an online program with a heap of different stretches on it… I could just go straight to that and wouldn’t have to think of fiddle around!

So if you want to give your client the best possible service – an online program is key!

Reason 2: It’s better for you as a Trainer! The advantage to online training is that you do it once… and then you never have to do it again! And you can give it to every client you ever have again in your life! It makes your services more valuable…

For example, let’s say I was contemplating changing Trainers and there was another Trainer who was just as good as “Jon”, charged the same rate BUT also gave me an Online Program… I would go with the other Trainer… Heck, the other trainer may even be able to charge me an extra $5 – $10 per week! and that Trainer doesn’t have to work any harder than Jon… and that Trainer isn’t any better than Jon… but because they did a little bit of work ONCE… they can charge more!

I really believe in the next couple of years if you’re a Trainer and you don’t have an Online Program – you’ll be left behind! I think most Trainers agree with this but the common “objections” I hear are
“I suck at technology”
“I don’t have time”
“I don’t have money”

I was the same when I started, I was a technological dunce (I still am), I didn’t have money or time… Soooooo I figured out different ways to put online programs together without any money or time and sucking at technology. You can start with your smart phone, you Facebook profile page and a YouTube channel.

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What do you think? Do you agree with the information I’ve just shared with you? Do you believe in the power of social media but don’t know how to use it for your business? Let me know in the comments down below.