Want to build a boot camp? Start with community!

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Want to build a boot camp? Start with community!

It seems simple enough, right? Complete the course, put together a program, find a space and wait for them to come! It would be nice if it were that easy for us as trainers, but in such a competitive market, clients are looking for businesses that stand out amongst the pack.

Gone are the days where people are just looking for somewhere to exercise. Now more than ever, our clients are looking for a place to belong, a place where they can go to feel part of something special, a place that they leave feeling better than when they walked in.

So how do we create such a place? Focus on creating a community.

  1. Know every single person’s name and a few things about them. Yep, it’s great to have a trainer who can get you to do that extra burpee when you think you are spent, but it’s even better to have a trainer who cares enough to ask you how Tommy’s cold is, and if he is feeling better, after said burpees.
  2. Provide corrections and modifications, but also provide praise. Everyone wants to think they are doing something right. So, while correcting technique is essential, find something that each person in your group is doing well and praise them in it. Clients go where they are made to feel good.
  3. Make it fun and upbeat. Don’t do the same boring circuit or cardio routine day in and day out. Switch it up, be silly and get people laughing and interacting.
  4. Talk to people at the end of the class about how they found it. Ask them what they enjoyed or didn’t enjoy. Let them know you love feedback and that they can come to you to make suggestions. Then take those suggestions on board. People love to see their ideas and suggestions in play, so incorporate those ideas where you can!
  5. Interact outside of sessions. Have a Facebook group and include discussions, quotes recipes and whatever else that gets your clients talking. Go on group excursions, get a coffee van to come down to your park and sit around and have a chat…there are so many ways to do this one!

There are so many more ways to create a sense of community and belonging amongst your clients, I could write all day about it. But for now, I will leave you with the 5 ideas above.

Blog contribution by:

Hayley Warner
Believe In Health And Fitness

Hayley Warner has been a personal trainer and group fitness instructor for 6 years. She is the owner and head trainer at Believe In Health and Fitness an outdoor and online bootcamp that caters specifically for women. Hayley also has a background in teaching, business and marketing.
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