When Is It Wise For Fitpros To Start A Family?

Author: Angela Anderson

The only time I recommend thinking twice before having children is when you know you’re not emotionally ready or your financial situation is extreme – meaning, you’re buried and can barely make your payments.

Otherwise, when you are being called to have a family, have a family.

I felt the souls of my two children energetically circling around me before my husband and I got pregnant. There’s no logic to it when you’re called to start or grow your family. It’s a force that becomes you. And it’s beautiful.

However, it is helpful to have an idea of what you’ll need in order to take the time off you desire, not have to worry about money, and not have to force yourself to go back to work before you’re ready.

Here’s what I recommend:

  • 3-6 months worth of living expenses set aside (more if you want to take more time off and not worry about income)
  • Check your health insurance and see what’s covered (I was a hippy mamma with no health insurance when I had my children, so we paid out of pocket for my midwives – approx $1200, which was a total steal).
  • Start working with a budget/cash flow plan so you know exactly how much money you’re paying for groceries, utilities – all living & biz expenses
  • Plan for what your business may need in order for you to step away – do you need to hire help? What do you automate?
  • Eat even healthier, sleep well, exercise and prepare your body.
  • Prepare your mind, make sure there’s someone you can talk with, get support & help to transform fears of childbirth, the health of your baby, and motherhood.

In the early years (0 – 7 yrs old), my children didn’t cost me very much. All their clothes was given to us, they wore cloth diapers, we co-slept, I nursed them until they were about a year old, and I made their baby food. My kids were never into toys and stuffed animals, so we didn’t spend anything on that kind of stuff. They loved it when we’d get baby chicks in the spring and we have always had a cat laying around the house for them to cuddle with. I spent about $750 on a homeopathic medicine kit provided by our doctor to successfully treat ALL of their childhood illnesses. Yes, we’ve had a few emergency room visits, but that’s childhood!

They cost more now that they are in middle and high school, with braces, Xboxes, outdoor gear and feet that grow out of their $125 Nikes every 6 months. But, my monthly cash flow planning covers the costs without the stress and without programming them with the usual ‘we can’t afford it, that’s too expensive’ bullshit. Sometimes they don’t get things they want not because I’m not willing to afford it, but because they need to show more responsibility!

A couple of Thanksgiving holidays ago, we took a road trip to Phoenix to visit family. We budgeted for it – Outback Steakhouse, the movies, shopping, gas $3.00/gallon at 25 MPG, X amount of meals we wanted to cook with grandma, X amount of meals we wanted to eat out, etc. We went down to the bank and pulled out cash and the boys paid and accounted for everything. We even had money left over after the trip!!!

This is how responsibility and awareness around money is created at a young age. And this is how generational wealth begins.

As always, if you would like help getting your financial house in order so you can embrace the family that is calling for you and set yourself up for financial freedom and generational wealth, please reach out.

Simply send me a message, I’ll give you information about my 8week 1:1 immersion, ask you some questions, and if it’s a fit, we can get started. I have three spots open to work with me in October.

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