Workout Idea: STOP & GO

Author: Mark Pearce

One of the biggest challenges when designing bootcamp sessions is juggling trying to push people to
get a good workout but also taking into consideration what could be a large group of people who
may all have different fitness levels and levels of experience.
All my sessions try to take this into account, trying to avoid stations/workouts that make it obvious
that someone may be a lot fitter than someone else, i.e. if you just run a standard 20 rep station,
Dave might be embarrassed that that Carol has finished 2 mins before he did.
This session takes this into account and ensures that in the main workout, each section is run
independently and continuously so members have no idea how many rounds each other is doing.
Welcome to….

The setup of this session requires 3 cones lined up in a line, approx. 10m apart. Repeat this for each

Warm Up/Workout 1
Shuttle Run – continuous for 60 seconds on each round
Round 1 – complete 3 cone shuttle run with 1 burpee over the top of each cone. I.e. run to 2nd
cone, complete one burpee, run back to cone 1, complete 1 burpee, run to cone 3, complete 1
burpee, run to cone 1, complete 1 burpee. Repeat this for 60 seconds.
Round 2 – same format as round 1 but instead of a burpee complete a laying 360 roll every time you
reach a cone.
Round 3 – walk-out and press up at each cone
Round 4 – star jumps x10 at each cone
Round 5 – tombstone at each cone

The main Stop & Go session uses the same cone set up…

The two end cones are where the member will do a stationary exercise. The exercise is the same
each end but changes each round and so does the method of getting from cone 1 to cone 3.

Training Notes;

  • To avoid lots of confusion and ‘dead time’, avoid explaining all the exercises involved in one go, explain the format and the first pair and just use the rest time between each round to explain the next pair.
  • Although the exercises are not that complicated and pretty standard, the trainer needs to be pushing everyone on and encouraging as it’s a tough grind of a workout.  So be very vocal, help everyone out, ensuring you mention everyone’s name and giving loads of praise. 
  • The point of this session is avoiding it being obvious if people have completed more rounds that others but there is no harm in going up to the people you know are competitive and telling them to count the rounds they do and try and beat it the next time to add a bit of personal competition.

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