The World is Going Online. How Can you Join It?

The World is Going Online:

How was your weekend? Mine was really cool – I went to a “Beer Pong Party” with a group of friends! It was a great way to connect with others at the party – you’d be randomly paired with another person and we played a knock out comp! Great “ice breaker” and gives you a chance to connect with someone at the party you may not have otherwise connected with! Also gives you a chance to have something to talk about the others at the party about! You could definitely use this game (with water) if you did an end of session party for your bootcampers!

Anyways… What I want to talk about today is what I believe is the next step for Personal Trainers… Which is a VIP membership program! If you’re not too sure what an online VIP membership program is… It’s basically

– a cancel anytime monthly subscription service (like a Netflix or Spotify) where your clients pay a monthly fee (e.g. $30 a month) every month until they cancel.

For their monthly fee – your members get

Access to your website where you put all your videos (workouts, exercise demos, recipes, motivation etc etc). Your members get a login and access to these at any time.

– Access to your closed Facebook Group where you run little online challenges (e.g. no sugar challenge, walking challenge). This is strictly for your paying members.

– Access to you and 24/7 support. If they have any questions – they can comment on the Facebook Group and you’ll respond within 24 hours.

I love this system for a few reasons

a) It’s super easy to set up! All you need to do is
– 1: Pay someone a few $$’s on Fiverr to set up a membership site (with a login)
– 2: Start a closed a Facebook Group

Once you’ve done that you can start selling your VIP membership program! To anyone in the world! Remember you don’t need a heap of content on there to start with – coz it’s a monthly subscription so people expect things to be dripped anyway! To start with just stay back after training for 5-10mins and take a video! Do that every day for a month and you’ve got 20-30 videos up there! From there you might just choose to add an extra video a week or something!

If this is something you’re interested in putting together… Then the first thing I would do is join someone else’s membership site to get the idea and see how it works.. You can check our Fitness Education VIP Membership here.