Xmas Present Ideas for Bootcamp!

Bootcamp Xmas Party: Presents and controversial topics

Hi guys! It’s Brenda here today. I’m really excited because Travis, Jono and I are heading to Auckland, New Zealand next week for FITEX (the New Zealand version of FILEX) and Jono got us tickets for the semi final of the Rugby League World Cup: England vs Tonga. So, we’ll be working hard, playing hard that weekend for sure!

Are you going to FITEX? Let us know if you are so we can catch up. This week we talked about how to leverage organising a Xmas party for your Bootcamp clients. It’s the ultimate business Retention Strategy. If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll know that we believe retention comes down to 3 things:
1: How well the Trainer gets on with their participants
2: How well the participants get on with each other
3: How much fun the participants have in the session

If you can hit these things, your clients will come back week after week, month after month, year after year! The real question is: How can you improve these 3 things?

#1 – getting people to like you is a topic that I could write a book on (there actually is a book on it – which i recommend you read “How To Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie”). Organising a Xmas party for your Bootcamp will definitely tick points #2 and #3. If someone is on the fence about coming back but they come to the party, have fun and bond closer with other participants, it’s almost guaranteed that client will come back and rejoin.

Once you’ve decided to put together an end of the year party, there’s another question that always comes up: Should you give presents? and If so, what would be appropriate? and How much should you spend?

Giving something to your clients is first of all an nice touch and it’s a way to give something back to them that will make them feel special and important. However, most trainers don’t and shouldn’t want to break the bank in the meantime. An easy and cool present is a skipping rope.
1: it’s fitness related.
2: it’s inexpensive.
3: it’s practical and easy to carry.

The other thing to have in mind when organising a Christmas party for Bootcamp is controversial topics such as: should you serve alcohol? Should you drink alcohol? What do you do around drunk clients? What about ex clients, should you invite them to the party?

The serving of alcohol is a controversial topic because alcohol is regarded by many as a drug and also an unhealthy habit. When we train clients, we also educate them on healthy habits to better their life and overall health, so it’s understandable if some trainers question weather it’s appropriate to drink alcohol during the Xmas party. We would recommend not buying alcohol for clients to avoid this issue, but not restrict them in consuming alcohol if that is their adult and responsible choice. In other words, we wouldn’t encourage, nor prohibit alcohol consumption. We’re talking about this in detail today in the VIP membership. We’ll give you some other ideas you can implement for presents for your Xmas party and also discuss serious controversial issues you can come across at the party and how to handle them.

Also, upon registration you will our free and unbranded copy of the Clean Eating Recipe eBook and the Booty Baster Home program ebook and workout videos to give to your clients. It could be the perfect Christmas gift for your participants to enjoy over the Holidays.

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Now, I would love to hear from you. Do you have any present ideas you personally use? How do you deal with controversial topics? Let me know if the comments below.