Canfitpro Practical Exam: Top Tips to Make Sure You Pass!

When people are researching different personal training certifications, there are often questions about the canfitpro practical exam. You’re probably reading this because you have questions too!

Nationally and internationally recognized, canfitpro is Canada’s leading certification body for Personal Training Specialists (PTS) and Fitness Instructor Specialists (FIS). They provide a variety of learning experiences that includes virtual or in-person courses with an expert PRO TRAINER. Professional certification through canfitpro is achieved through a combination of independent learning, virtual training, classes, and exams.

The Value of the Canfitpro Practical Exam

There are some personal training certifications that don’t require any assessment of practical skills. You study, write an exam, and if you get the correct number of answers right, viola – you’re a personal trainer! That is an incredibly difficult way to start a successful career. Having the knowledge isn’t enough – it is how you apply it that will lead you to success as a personal training professional.

After passing the canfitpro theory exam, each PTS candidate is given 6 months to prepare for and complete their practical exam. The PTS practical exam is incredibly valuable. It gives you a formula for success that you can use to navigate through future job interviews and sessions with clients. It trains you on what to say and what to do when working with people – and that translates to success and money for you as a personal trainer!

Studying for the canfitpro PTS practical exam will teach you how to identify biomechanical issues, assess passive and dynamic posture, create and apply macro-, meso-, and micro-cycles within a training plan, and properly cue exercises while providing progressions and regressions for many types of clients. 

The Format of the Canfitpro PTS Practical Exam

The exam typically runs 60-75 minutes. A PRO TRAINER will observe you working with a person of your choice who will act as your mock client. Prior to the exam, you’ll receive exactly what you need to prepare for the exam. The outline of what you’ll need to do, how it is marked, and what the canfitpro PRO TRAINER is looking for.

Similar to a personal training session that you would do with a new-to-you client, you’ll take your mock client through an introduction, a passive and dynamic postural assessment, a general warm-up, a series of exercises for the main foundational movement patterns, stretching, and wrap-up. The canfitpro PRO TRAINER may ask questions throughout to guide you or ask you to expand on certain things.

The exam is designed to give you real-world experience and the opportunity to apply all the applicable knowledge to ensure you feel confident and prepared to immediately launch into a successful career as a personal trainer.

Top 6 Tips for Success on the canfitpro Practical Exam

  • Connect with a canfitpro PRO TRAINER

To book your practical exam, you’ll need to reach out to a canfitpro PRO TRAINER to set up a time and location. PRO TRAINERS can be found by visiting the PRO TRAINER team site.

  • Review the exam material in advance

The exam is designed to help you be successful. It lays out what you need to do and when including giving you suggested time frames that each step should be completed.

  • Choose your mock client carefully

Exams are stressful no matter how prepared you are. You’ll want to choose a friend that is familiar with working out, has good body awareness, and has no major injuries.

  • Wear Proper Attire

Part of the exam requires you to demo the exercises you will provide to your mock client. Be sure you are comfortable and can move in whatever you are wearing.

  • Follow the outline

The exam material is presented in a way that will lead you to success if you follow it. Now is not the time to go rogue and do your own thing! Allow your personality to shine through while addressing all of the material you’ve learned.

  • You don’t need to be perfect

The grade required to successfully pass is 80%. If you make a mistake or miss a step, simply let your PRO TRAINER know. 

As a Canfitpro PRO TRAINER, I can assure you that we all want you to feel ready and prepared to lead outstanding client sessions. Your comfort, ability, and application of the material that you learn while studying for your canfitpro PTS certification will help in raising the health and fitness of the general public. Competence and confidence are key attributes to becoming a successful personal trainer and we want to help you achieve both.

Once you become certified with canfitpro, to keep your registration you are required to complete continuing education credits (CECs) every year. That’s where Fitness Education Online, come in – check out their range of approved Canfitpro CECs.

About the Author:

Karyn Silenzi delivers continuing education to companies and fitness professionals on a global scale. As a PRO TRAINER for canfitpro, Karyn provides fitness certification training for personal trainers and fitness instructors. She is also a LIV North Master Trainer for Canadian markets, and a North America Master Trainer for Team ICG and Life Fitness Academy.

Karyn is an international presenter, author, and podcast host, She is also the Fitness Director at Edgemont Athletic in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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