The Top 5 Bootcamp Workouts (Part 1)

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Now one of the biggest issues I see with Bootcamp Workouts is they repeat the same workout styes… They’ll overdo ‘circuits’, ‘amraps’, ‘tabata’s’ and ‘interval sessions’… Now these are all good workouts… And the Bootcamp Instructor will vary the ‘exercises’ in the workout and maybe use different pieces of  equipment… but the structure of the workout is the same.. 

My recommendation is to change the structure every workout… I have about 24 different workout structures that are all completely different… So even if I did use the same exercises –  the workout would still feel different (note: I don’t use the same exercises… but I could :p)

Anyways here’s my Top 5 Bootcamp Workout Styles! Some of these are hard to explain in a written format, so i’ve included a YouTube link to each workout

1 The “Accumulator”

Simplified version – pick 5 or 6 exercises.

Complete 3 reps of every exercise

Then complete 6reps of every exercise 

Then complete 9reps of every exercise

Etc etc…

Repeat for 20-25mins… Increasing your reps by 3 every round

At the end of 25mins – see what number your up too and that’s your ‘score’!

A couple notes

  • You don’t want your participants getting much higher than 21reps… it just gets too boring… so program your exercises accordingly
  • Add the Jono interval to make it more engaging
  • Add the Jono shoulder tap to make it more engaging 

Click here to watch the video:

2 The “54321”

Simplified version – these are 5 different ‘drills’

“5min” drill: Timing: 30secs work: 0sec break: x 10 (pick 5 different exercises)

“4min” drill: Timing: 60, 40, 20 (watch the video if you haven’t seen this before)

“3min” drill: Timing: 3min AMRAP

“2min” drill: Timing: 2 x 1min “holds” (2 different exercises)

“1min drill”: Timing: 60sec – pickest your hardest exercise here

Click here to watch the video: 

3 The “100 Club”

Simplified Version: 

Pair your group up in partners

Pick 10 exercises 

As a ‘pair’ you need to complete 100reps of exercise 1

Partner 1 will complete 25 reps of exercise 1

Partner 2 will do a “constant” e.g. a shuttle run, 100 skips – whatever you chose – something that takes approx 60sec so “Partner 1” is working for approx 60secs. 

One the ‘team’ has finished 100 reps of “exercise 1”, they move onto ‘Exercise 2’

Repeat until the first team has completed 100reps of all 10 exercises 

Click here to watch the video:

4 The “12 Cones”

Simplified Version: 

Pick 12 exercises 

Participants do 1 rep of exercise 1

And then 100skips (or whatever ‘constant’ you choose)

Participants then do 1 rep of exercise 1

2 reps of exercise 2

And then 100skips And then 100skips (or whatever ‘constant’ you choose)

Participants then do 1 rep of exercise 1

2 reps of exercise 2

3 reps of exercise 3

And then 100skips And then 100skips (or whatever ‘constant’ you choose)

Repeat until the first person has completed all 12 exercises!

Click here to watch the video:

5 The “Beyonce”

Simplified Version:

Just do a lower body workout…. But play all Beyonce music… and have some fun with it! Say it’s a ‘beyonce theme’d workout’ or ‘you’ve heard a rumour that this is Beyonce’s favourite workout’ (say it tongue in cheek to get make sure you don’t get sued :p) 
Click here to watch the video:

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