Don’t Put the Kettlebell Down Challenge and Workouts

Don’t Put the Kettlebell Down Challenge and Workouts:

It’s Jono here today and I’m feeling good! I’ve got some really exciting news that I’m going to share with you over the next week or so 🙂 Just before I get into today’s tip… I want to share a quote I read this morning in regards to “increasing your rates”

“The more value you can add to your clients life – the more you’re able to charge”! In other words – your goal as a trainer is to make yourself “in-valueable”… In the Fitness Industry it’s common for Trainers to want to charge more because “they” want to or “they” think they should… But it comes down to the client… and the more you can OFFER them… The more they are willing to pay and the less likely they are to leave! Powerful 🙂

One of the biggest advantages of training with Kettlebells is that all you need is ONE Kettlebell and you can do a 10-20-30minute working using that one Kettlebell. The idea is that you can put together a “workout” or “complex” with a sequential flow so that each exercise flows directly from one to another… Or in other words – where one exercise starts – the other exercises finishes… e.g.
20min Single Kettlebell AMRAP
10 x single arm swings
10 x single arm high pulls
10 x single arm cleans
10 x rack lunges
10 x single arm thrusters
(repeat on the other side)
20min Double Kettlebell AMRAP
10 x double Kettlebell renegade rows
10 x double Kettlebell suitcase deadlifts
10 x double Kettlebell swings
10 x double Kettlebell cleans
10 x double Kettlebell squats
20m double Kettlebell farmers walk

You can also have a bit of fun with exercises and add a “punishment” e.g. shuttle run, 10 burpees etc every time you need to put the Kettlebell down!

See how when you put together a complex like this – there is no real “break”… Each exercise just flows from one to the next – with a combination of more “ballistic” (power) movements e.g. swings, cleans and more traditional strength exercises e.g. squats, lunges. When used like this – Kettlebells can make such an effective strength and conditioning tool!

If you’re not currently trained in Kettlebells I would STRONGLY recommend it… When used correctly Kettlebells are the number 1 tool for Outdoor Trainers! They are portable, can be used anywhere, are able to be used for ballistic movements (e.g. swings), are able to be used to traditional strength movements (e.g. squats / lunges) and offer posterior chain movements that are often so hard in an outdoor setting (e.g. swings, deadlifts, bent over rows, renegade rows).

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