Kettlebell AMRAP for Bootcamp

Kettlebell AMRAP for Bootcamp:

Hi guys! It’s Jono here today and I have something very special to share with you today and that is that our Kettlebell Certification is currently on special, and so today I’d like to share my FAVOURITE Kettlebell Workout with you and that’s the Kettlebell AMRAP!

Travis and I have also made a video about it. Check it down below in this blog post. But it’s quite simple:
22min AMRAP
22 Kettlebell Squats
22 Kettlebell Swings
22 Kettlebell Curtsey Lunges
22 Kettlebell Bent Over Rows
22 Bodyweight Push Ups
22 Kettlebell Bridges
20m shuttle run
* Repeat as many times as possible in 22mins! (4 rounds is my record)

Pretty simple right! But it hit’s everything… Different Chains (anterior / posterior), Different positions (standing, prone, supine), Different planes (saggital, transverse, frontal), Different body parts (upper body / lower body) etc etc!

And to make it even more fun, a couple things you can add in

  1. set up a timer so every 2mins an alarm goes off, everyone has to stop what they are up too, perform 20 star jumps and then get back into it!
  2. have a “random station” set up (e.g. a Battlerope) and then randomly, you just walk around tap one person on the shoulder (at random), and once you tap them – they need to stop – perform 20 Battlerope slams and then get back into it!

These two tips just break up the monotony of the AMRAP!

Now, you’re probably thinking “Jono, that sounds awesome… but I get like 15-20ppl come to Bootcamp and i’m CBF bringing 15-20 kettlebells… show me how to do it with 4-5 kettlebells”!

My answer – easy!

You only really “need” the Kettlebells for the “swing” and “bent over row”… The other exercises you can do with bodyweight if needs be! So let’s say you’ve got 16 people in your Bootcamp and only 4 Kettlebells – perfect!

a) Just get people of similar strength levels in groups of 4 and share a Kettlebell!
b) Get everyone to start on a different exercise so they don’t “run into each other”
c) A worse case scenario and 2 people need the Kettlebell at the same time…
– Just tell one to do the next bodyweight exercise and come back to it…
– OR do their run and come back to it…
– OR do their star jumps and come back to it…
– OR tap on the shoulder so they need to do their slams…
etc etc!

if you’re keen to start using Kettlebells more in your sessions – (which I strongly recommend EVERY bootcamp instructor should) than I would take a look at our Kettlebell Certification CEU Courses!

Checkout the video with the explanation below

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