How to Scale a Personal Training Business

Looking to scale a Personal Training business? You’re in the right place!

Personal Training is a great business model… Initially… because you don’t really need any capital to start and you can command a decent rate for your time! 

But… There are some limitations, mainly that it can be difficult to scale the business beyond a certain point. 

This is because

  1. As a Personal Trainer, you can only work with one client at a time. As a result, it may be difficult to increase the number of clients you work with, which can limit the overall growth of your business. 
  2. 1 on 1 Personal Training can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive model, as it requires you to be present with each client during their training sessions. This can make it challenging to work with a large number of clients, as you may not have enough time in your schedule to accommodate everyone. 
  3. 1 on 1 Personal Training can also be more expensive for clients, which may limit the size of your client base and the overall potential for growth.

So what are some solutions to scale your Personal Training business! 

Check out our 3 tips below on how you can generate more income as a Personal Trainer without working any more hours! 

Tip #1: Offer Bootcamp / Group Training!

There’s many different ways you can offer Bootcamp / Group Training! Let’s look at two simple ways!

  • Option 1: Run one Bootcamp session a WEEK (e.g. Saturday morning), you charge $10-$20 for that session.
  • Option 2: Run one Bootcamp a DAY (e.g. 6am every morning Mon-Fri), you charge $50 a week and clients can attend as many sessions as they like.

Both these options are scalable because technically there’s no limit.

In one on one Personal Training, once your 6am Monday slot is taken, you can’t make any more money during that one hour – let’s say you charge $80 p/hour that’s all you’re going to earn. If you’re running a Bootcamp / Group Training model however, you can keep growing it. You may start off with 5 people in your class (at $20 a head) and make $100… but you can scale that to 10 people (now making $200) and then 20 people and make $400! It’s scalable – you can make more money without working any more hours! 

PS: If you’d like to go down the Bootcamp pathway – check out our Bootcamp Certification.

Tip #2: Offer Small Group / Semi Private Training!

Like Bootcamp, there are many different ways to offer Small Group / Semi Private Training, so let’s keep it simple.

Instead of having a 6am Monday time slot open for a one on one client and charging $80 per hour. You can make that a “semi private” time slot, charge $50 per session and have a max of 4 people in that session. This is a win / win because 

  1. The client gets their training at a discounted rate ($50 as opposed to $80)
  2. You generate more revenue in that hour ($200 opposed to $80)

Now it’s obviously a little less personal for the client (that’s why they aren’t paying as much) and it’s not for everyone but that’s ok! 

The clients that are suitable for Semi Private Training do Semi Private Training and your clients that aren’t suitable do one on one Personal Training and you charge higher rates for it.

Tip #3: Offer Online Training Programs!

Like Bootcamp, and Semi Private Training, there are many different ways to offer Online Training Programs… so lets just look at a simple version! 

Create a “Done for You” workout program for a specific niche! 

E.g. you create the perfect program for young men who want to build their upper body! Or for 30 year old women who want to build their booty! Or for older adults who want to improve their mobility! The list is endless here!

There are a few things to note here, the major thing being – you want the program to be as little work for you as possible. If you have to individually create a new program for each client – it no longer becomes scalable – because you actually have to do the work. 

You want the program to be as transactional as possible meaning – once the client purchases the program – there is little to no work involved on your end. 

This can be hard for a lot of Personal Trainers to understand because they are used to writing “personal” training programs. 

The way around this is two fold

  1. Remember, this is a lower ticket item. Your time is valuable and you can’t give everyone a personalised service. This program doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to be better than what the client could do their own.
  2. Remember, you are writing a program for a specific niche who want a specific goal so the program should be appropriate for 90% of that population. If the program is not suitable for a particular client or that client requires further support – that’s fine, however you will charge them more and provide them with Personal Training.

If you’d like to go down the online trainer pathway, check out our course Online Essentials for Personal Trainers.


Now you don’t need to do all 3 of these options but if you do want to scale your Personal Training business you need to start thinking of ways to stop trading your time for money and find a model that generates you revenue without you working any extra hours.

If this topic interests you, then please check out Fitness Education Online’s Senior Fitness Certification.

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