My PT Hub vs Trainerize

Last month, we examined PT Hub vs PT Distinction  as popular fitness industry client management and programming platforms. In this article, we examine an additional industry-standard platform compared to My PT Hub. 

My PT Hub

To recap, this software promotes itself as a “all-in-one personal training software and app” and, as this tag line would suggest, it offers a variety of incredible features. One of my favorite aspects of My PT Hub is the cost does not increase as your business grows. This helps keep overhead expenses at a lower percentage. It’s also 100% free to clients – which makes this a win-win.  

Popular Features of My PT Hub

My PT Hub has a large variety of professional features and business support tools including the following: 

·      Custom branding and website integration

·      Habit tracker

·      Program creation platform

·      Custom packaging for clients and development of custom exercises

·      MyFitness Pal, Apple Health, Google Fit and Fitbit integration

·      Results tracking

·      Instant messaging

·      Events calendar and public calendar

·      A microsite for your business (virtual storefront)

·      The ability to develop customizable forms. And this is just the short list of options professionals have access to for a 

Overall, this app is easy to use, easy to integrate, and easy to manage. It gets an A!


Trainerize is also another superior platform, and it can be used by independent business owners, small businesses, medium businesses and up to large businesses like clubs and franchises. There’s also a celebrity option.

It boasts this message: “Take your coaching online and deliver an experience like nothing your clients have ever seen before. With fitness, nutrition, and habit-coaching features, plus in-app messaging, progress tracking, and more — it’s everything you need to motivate and inspire.” Trainerize delivers on this promise. 


With this software, you have four options: 

·      Free – can be used with 1 client 

·      Grow – at $5/month, it can be used with 2 clients. 

·      Pro – at $22/month, it can be used up to 5 clients. However, you can select a higher quantity of clients (up to 200) and the cost increases with each client beyond the base of 5.

·      Studio – at $250/month to start, can be used up to 500 clients. Much like the pro level, the cost increases with the increasing number of clients. The cost can go up to $350/month for unlimited clients, which isn’t a bad deal!

A professional can choose monthly or annual billing based on their preferences. Much like other platforms, you can try this for a 30-day free period. 

What can you do with PT Distinction?

Like My PT Hub, this software is comprehensive and integrative, though pricier based on number of clients. The top features include client engagement, client management, and business growth. Under each of those categories are additional features such as training templates, client monitoring, workout builder, fitness libraries, client tracking, macro tracking, meal plans, in-app messaging, automated messages, Skype call, and various other business management and marketing aspects. 

There’s nothing you can’t do with Trainerize. It’s a great platform to integrate with clients and to grow and market your business using a singular source. It’s easy to use and intuitive as well. 

I love Trainerize because it really does meet the needs of a variety of health and fitness professionals from personal trainers to health coaches to larger facilities employing different types of professionals. It really is all encompassing. Much like My PT Hub, Trainerize is a grade a software option. It’s worth taking a look. 

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