PT Distinction vs. Trainerize

PT Distinction vs. Trainerize – A Comparison of Fitness Business Management Platforms

In the last two months, we examined a handful of fitness business and client management platforms. We looked at My PT Hub versus PT Distinction. We then compared My PT Hub to Trainerize. This month, we look at how PT Distinction stacks up against Trainerize. 

PT Distinction 

The PT Distinction platform is an extremely popular choice among health and exercise professionals. Many who train and coach clients in an online format or who are interested in building an online practice gravitate towards this software for many reasons. PT Distinction prides themselves on reaching more people, saving time, and delivery “incredible results.” The software does, indeed, support professionals and their goals. Additionally, this is an aesthetically pleasing software – it simply looks great! But it also functions supremely well and covers all needs a fitness business owner may have. One of the most attractive characteristics of this platform is that it was made for trainers by trainers. The software is intelligent and flexible, which is just want those of us in the industry need to succeed and to help our clients succeed. 

Let’s look at a simple cost breakdown. 


With this software, you have three options: 

·      Novice ($19/month for up to 3 clients)

·      Pro (the most popular – for $59/month for up to 25 clients)

·      Master ($89/month for up to 50 clients)

Some additional details regarding each category. 

With the Novice option, extra clients are free for up to 1 month and an additional $6/month after that. Android and iOS apps are partially customizable, and you can get same day support. 

With the Pro option, extra clients are free for up to 1 month and an additional $2.40/month ongoing. This option includes custom branding for Android and iOS for you and your clients as well as same day support. 

With the Master feature, extra clients are free for up to 1 month and an additional $1.60/month ongoing. This option includes the same additional features as the Pro pricing category. 

All categories of pricing offer free trials. 

What can you do with PT Distinction?

This software truly is comprehensive, intelligent, flexibility, and integrative, though pricier based on number of clients – but that price is justified based on all a trainer and coach can do. This software has a massive workout library, automated messaging features, comprehensive “program health” updates and details regarding client adherence and progress. One feature that stands out is the extensive menu of pre-loaded physical assessment and client forms. This software also integrates with FitBit, MyZone, and MyFitness Pal, Zapier, YouTube, Stripe, PayPal, and Vimeo. You can also build a team of coaches and trainers and add as many as you want for no additional cost. 

To further support clients beyond assessments and building a workout program, you have the option to coach clients in a group, one-on-one, as well as offer nutrition and habit coaching. 

Let’s check out Trainerize.


Much like PT Distinction, Trainerize is another awesomely superior platform, and it can be used by independent business owners, small businesses, medium businesses and up to large businesses like clubs and franchises. There’s also a celebrity option. 

It boasts two powerful messages: 

1.     “Take your coaching online and deliver an experience like nothing your clients have ever seen before. With fitness, nutrition, and habit-coaching features, plus in-app messaging, progress tracking, and more — it’s everything you need to motivate and inspire.” 

2.     “The #1 coaching app to better engage your clients.”

Trainerize does more than just deliver on these promises. It exceeds a professional’s expectations. Additionally, this platform can be adapted to fit the environment you work in – everything from a fitness studio to large health and fitness clubs. Recreation centers even find this platform highly valuable. 

Let’s look at the cost breakdown. 


With this software, you have four options: 

·      Free – can be used with 1 client 

·      Grow – at $5/month, it can be used with 2 clients. 

·      Pro – at $22/month, it can be used up to 5 clients. However, you can select a higher quantity of clients (up to 200) and the cost increases with each client beyond the base of 5.

·      Studio – at $250/month to start, can be used up to 500 clients. Much like the pro level, the cost increases with the increasing number of clients. The cost can go up to $350/month for unlimited clients, which isn’t a bad deal!

A professional can choose monthly or annual billing based on their preferences. Much like other platforms, you can try this for a 30-day free period. 

All of the Trainerize platform’s core features are included in the subscription price for all the paid plans. That said, a professional can choose to uplevel their subscription through different add-ons (additional fees may apply depending). 

Some of the add-on features include:

o   Advanced Nutrition Coaching 

o   Pro Custom Branded App

o   Video Coaching

o   Stripe Integrated Payments

The platform allows you to take an a la carte approach to building it out however it fits your needs and the needs of your business and clients. 

Both platforms don’t score less than an A++++ for options, features, pricing, and customization opportunities. If you are struggling to find a platform that suits you, take advantage of the free trials and try them out with some practice clients. The biggest factor in selecting a platform is a quality user-experience for your clients. They are both worth a trial run!  

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